Breaking Bad Season 5 Episode 3 | Breaking Bad Season 5 Episode 3

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Breaking Bad Season 5 Episode 3 Vinny Ginardi: Maybe I’m mistaken, but it felt like Mike had the most screen time in this episode (which would have to be a first for Breaking Bad that it wasn’t Walt or Jesse). It’s clear that Mike is going to be a major player in this fifth and final season and I’m excited for the inevitable face-offs he will have with Walt now that he was agreed to be a partner. He’s been more than present throughout the first two episodes and is one of only two characters that sees Walt for what he is.

Breaking Bad Season 5 Episode 3 The other character, Skyler, has been on the receiving end of two of the more awkward episode endings I have ever seen. Breaking Bad Season 5 Episode 3 I loved these endings so far- they’ve shown just how arrogant Walt has become (and it’s an unprecedented level of arrogance) and how his hubris hinders how he thinks people think of him.

Michael Cresci: Hot damn, this was a great episode. Breaking Bad Season 5 Episode 3 While last week was good it did feel like they had to get a lot of administrative work out of the way by wrapping up elements of the season 4 finale. This episode was a full on introduction to the plots and dynamics that lie ahead.

This week’s episode was appropriately titled, “Madrigal.” We were treated to another of Breaking Bad’s always excellent cold opens. A previously unseen man tried a variety of chicken nugget sauces before stoically killing himself (in the most efficient and German way possible) to avoid questioning from the police. And just like that we see just how far the ramifications of Gus’s death stretch. It was a great way to jar the audience out of its comfort zone (classic BB) while expanding the world of the show.

Breaking Bad Season 5 Episode 3Mike (and his long last name) was front and center this episode and it’s great to see him get more screen time as his droll professionalism has been a highlight of the show since his Wintson Wolf introduction cleaning up Jane’s body. It’s hard to pick a favorite Mike scene as each has been more tense than the last. Mike showed what an unshakable pro he is during an interrogation with Hank. Breaking Bad Season 5 Episode 3We got a glimpse into his past (Philly cop who doesn’t take half-measures) and, perhaps most importantly, we saw his one weakness. When it was revealed the his granddaughter’s money, and the money of all his men had been taken it was the beginning of the end. It led to the awesome secret agent take down of his former employee and the haunting scene with newbie, Lydia. What did you think of Mike in this episode?

Breaking Bad Season 5 Episode 3 VG: It’s close to impossible to dislike Mike. He’s a professional, efficient, no-nonsense type of a guy that has enough of a human element to him to make him easy to relate to (Cresci mentioned his granddaughter). It’s easy to see why Gus trusted him so much. I agree that we may have learned his weakness, and I don’t think its out of the question, especially with Walt’s past actions, to think that Walt may use Mike’s granddaughter as leverage down the road if/when tensions rise between them. Mike had several gripping scenes in this episode, but my favorite moment had to be what he said to Walt at the kitchen table.

As I mentioned earlier, Mike is able to see Walt for the monster he has become. In this scene, Breaking Bad Season 5 Episode 3 Mike also indicated that Jesse still doesn’t see Walt as this type of person. And as a viewer that’s incredibly frustrating. Walt has brilliantly manipulated Jesse into thinking that he was wrong in assuming Walt poisoned Brock (when he was actually right) and made him feel bad about it. On top of that, Jesse still has no idea that Walt let Jane die. It makes sense that Jesse can’t see Walt for the evil, narcissistic person that he has transformed into (hell, he still calls him Mr. White), but it is only a matter of time before Jesse finds one of the skeletons in Walt’s closet, right?